Team 036

College of Architecture and Design MAX_minimum Competition 2012

Final Product

(unofficial copy)


Bottom Level Plan Scale


Section AA Plan Scale


Section BB Plan Scale


Second Level Plan Scale


Photo Montages



We met in the library to decide what our design was going to be and to delegate roles to each person. We added stairs above the existing downward stairs and a bridge that leads to an entrance on the second level. Additionally, the bridge has a glass display to provide students with an area to display their work as well as invite others to view it.

Next we created an open, outdoor classroom that would be located underneath the bridge and the downward stairs would also serve as amphitheater seating for the room. This way teachers could hold class outside on nice days or students could simply relax outdoors between classes.

Tori created floor diagrams and Tiffany created floor plans, section drawings, and photo montages. Michael rendered a 3D model and Abbey put all the information together and had it printed up.




This year’s challenge was to redesign the main entrance of the building that allows entry from both the first and second floors and also provides an area for people to gather.

Our goal was to create a space where students could showcase their work and interact with not only students from the College of Architecture, but students campus-wide.

Team 036 MAX_minimum Competition

5 ARCH Tiffany Gentry

4 ID Abbey Stepanek

3 ARCH Michael D. Turko

2 ID Victoria Leigh Stahl

1 ID Katherine Smith